TINA & THE HAMS 'Candles, Curtains, Bad Decisions' Vinyl LP - PRE-ORDER NOW!!!

Presale - expected to ship mid September

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated second album from inner Melbourne's very own Tina & The Hams, "Candles, Curtains, Bad Decisions" exclusively available to pre-order on vinyl from Goldmine now!!

"Candles, Curtains, Bad Decisions" showcases the band's musical evolution, spanning a range of styles from the fierce punk-like energy of "Silicon and Treason" to the mesmerising electro trance of "Riddles." The lead single, "Can't Stop Dreaming" channels the catchy, feel-good vibes of the 1980s, while the brooding "Fluer" sets a foreboding tone that lingers long after the song ends. "Candles, Curtains, Bad Decisions" is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the power of music to transcend even the darkest of times. 

Following their successful debut album, "Wake the Babies," which soared to Number 6 in the Australian Independent Charts in July 2022, Tina & The Hams retreated to the studio to record album number two. 

Lead singer and guitarist Damian Frood candidly shared, "A second album was never guaranteed. At various points, we'd all left the band, regrouped, and fell apart again in the face of real emotional turmoil and mortal threats. All of this has fed into the songs either lyrically or through the sound, and despite the challenges, we've come up with a record we're all very proud of." 

Followers of Tina & The Hams' will delight in the noticeable step forward in their sound. Produced by Craig Tigwell and mixed by the legendary Tim Whitten (Powderfinger, Clouds, Underground Lovers), this album promises to captivate listeners with its depth and dynamism. 

Tina & The Hams will be hitting the stage very soon to bring these electrifying tracks to life!

Also available on CD and digital download from Bandcamp: tinaandthehams.bandcamp.com

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